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You Will Tap the Universal Natural Order

Posted on March 17, 2018 in The Natural Order

There is a natural order to the universe. Everything with the exception of the human species and its potential is fully realized. Water flows downhill naturally. A flower has bloomed without planning, work or fore thought. The deer in the forest is a deer neither happy nor sad. Everything is as it is by the order of nature. I observe the housefly and say to myself, “What an exemplary fly!” It is the best fly that it can be. It has completely and totally realized its fullest potential. It is neither resentful nor frustrated, neither saddened nor remorseful. It is all that it can be. If a common housefly can achieve this state, why can’t I?

I however, swim upstream. I allow myself to degenerate, to challenge the order around me and to fall into a pit of despair. I do not thrive like the life around me. This life is directed primarily to fill a space larger than it currently occupies. It, without direction or guidance, moves toward its fulfillment naturally. Yet I am part of this natural order. When did I learn to fight that which should be my destiny? Why do I feel lonely surrounded by the city’s multitudes? Where have I gone wrong? Where is my full actualization of self? If life is directed to fulfill its potential why do I sabotage mine? If I have been cowardly, prone to selfishness, full of hate, I pray that ultimately my fate be courage, selflessness, compassion and love.

The human brain is said to be the most complex organ known. We are capable of creating the most sublime beauty, the most amazing feats of technology, and the most agonizing acts of brutality. The human mind is capable of understanding the fundamental truth of the nature of reality, from the sub-atomic realm, to the awesome expanse to the edge of the universe. Yet, despite this power, despite the incredible ability of the human mind, I still struggle. I am tortured with understanding my place in the natural order. Who am I? Where do I come from? What is my purpose here?

We all have a duty to realize our fullest potential; a duty to ourselves and the rest of society to become all that we can become. To live rich, full lives, free of all that hinders the fullest extent of being is our goal, our obligation.

Create! Power! Life! Realize Your Fullest Potential!

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